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Autodesk Integrates BuildingConnected with PlanGrid

Autodesk, Inc. has integrated BuildingConnected bid management solutions with PlanGrid technology, enabling the seamless transfer of data from preconstruction to the building process. The integration allows construction project managers to automatically push design and preconstruction files from BuildingConnected to PlanGrid, saving time, reducing errors and further enhancing the cost savings associated with using both platforms. With this integration, project managers can also easily connect field workers with project planning and estimation workflows used throughout the building process.

Integrating BuildingConnected with PlanGrid solves a major problem for project managers, who typically use the same designs, plans, estimates and other documentation during preconstruction as in the construction phase. Historically, managers have needed to manually transfer these files and documents into field collaboration software, a time-consuming and repetitive process that can result in missing files or data errors – and ultimately, miscommunications and project delays.

By transferring design and preconstruction files into PlanGrid, managers can sidestep manual project creation and ensure that accurate and holistic data is available to field teams.

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