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Contemplating the Effectiveness of Energy Conservation Incentives

A comparison of two scenarios courtesy of Stephanie Taylor from Engineered Systems magazine:
Imagine this scenario
You decide to buy a car for your family. Deciding on a certain model, you carefully read the safety specifications. You learn that it gets X miles per gallon during highway driving and Y during city driving. You meticulously research the initial cost and resale value. Yet, is this all you are interested in? You would certainly (you’re an engineer, after all) want to know the safety specs in the event of an accident. On a treacherously slippery road, would your family survive a collision with another car or truck?
Now imagine this scenario
You decide to buy a building to house your growing family or business. After locating an appealing building that is for sale, you research the fuel and water suppliers and costs, inquire about past energy consumption during all seasons, and appraise the real estate values of the surrounding buildings. What is missing from this collected data? Have you acquired IAQ measurements and concomitant health and productivity records of the previous occupants of this building?
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The original article “Contemplating the Effectiveness of Energy Conservation Incentives” appeared in the Nov. 2018 issue of Engineered Systems.
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