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Contractors, Owners See Value in Seamless Platforms
A new survey of building owners and contractors highlights the challenges of managing construction projects when software applications lack automated data exchange processes More than 50% of owners and contractors say they use project-management information systems, but most cite incompatibility among these systems as a major problem, according to a survey by e-Builder and Dodge Data & Analytics. Meanwhile, 51% of contractors and 65% of owners say there is strong value in having a seamless data-management platform for all parties involved in a project.
The report, “Connecting Owners and Contractors: How Technology Drives Connected Construction,” was released by e-Builder, a Trimble Company, and Dodge Data & Analytics. It is based on responses to online surveys last Spring from 112 contracting companies and 98 building owners.
Among these companies, 57% of owners and 52% of contractors say they use Project Management Information Systems (PMIS). However, these systems often are not compatible: only 16% of contractors say that an owner’s PMIS is the same as their own, and only 14% say they can integrate the two systems.
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