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Eight Types of Waste in Lean Manufacturing 

With rapid increases in worldwide technology, along with more and more unusual buildings and structures, come innovative solutions to climate control.

Recently, ACHR News explored various approaches to climate control in advanced buildings around the globe, including Amazon’s Seattle office, which is known for its unusual approach to heating — the entire office is heated by capturing the warm air produced by its data centers.

Plus, the data centers aren’t actually owned by Amazon. The heat is collected from the Westin building across the street. It’s a two-fold victory, as it helps Amazon save energy and gives Westin a good way to sustainably deal with waste heat. The heated water is piped from the data centers to a central plant belonging to Amazon and is put through heat-reclaiming chillers. It is then used to supply the office’s heating needs, and the now-cold water is sent back to Westin to help cool their data centers. Amazon is set to save 65 million pounds of coal’s worth of CO2 emissions over 25 years with this approach.

For more examples of buildings on the cutting edge of climate control, click here.

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