ICB and TABB provide certified
professionals for the HVAC industry.

Specify ICB/TABB for a Properly-Balanced HVAC System

ICB/TABB has a well-deserved reputation as the gold standard of the industry. Not only is it the first and only ANSI-accredited HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing certification program, it conforms to ISO/IEC 17024. Other benefits include a SMACNA endorsement, the highest technician certification testing standards, and very low certification costs.

The aim of ICB/TABB’s certification standards is to make sure that ICB/TABB certified technicians, supervisors and contractors are competent, reliable, and qualified professionals. One requirement of maintaining certification is continuing compliance with the stringent ICB Code of Conduct:

“TABB Certified Professionals practice their profession consistent with the leading TABB procedures and the highest quality of workmanship.”

Be sure to spec ICB/TABB for a properly-balanced HVAC system. Download model specs and apply online at http://www.tabbcertified.org/ or call 800-458-6525 for more information.

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