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Smart HVAC systems must be protected against cyberattacks

Smart technology has made HVAC systems increasingly sophisticated while increasing occupant and owner satisfaction. But it has also made buildings more susceptible to cybersecurity risks. Ongoing vigilance – making security a part of the culture of your organization – is the best defense against a data breach.

From smart buildings to BIM to telecommuting, there are dangerous entry points everywhere. Integration is becoming the norm and the ability to manage and protect data within this integrated ecosystem has never been more important.

  • According to cybersecurity specialists, there are several key components in managing a smart building. Separate the corporate network from the infrastructure network. Doing so will eliminate “cross contamination” should one network be compromised
  • Increase communication between IT, facilities management, engineering and business departments
  • Ensure that third parties are involved in the reporting, oversight, management and protection of data access

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