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USGBC Launches LEED Zero Certification
Net-zero energy – producing at least as much energy with renewable sources as a building uses from the grid – is increasingly within reach for a range of building types and sizes.
According to Greg Zimmerman of Facilities Net, the number of net-zero energy buildings is growing rapidly, up 700 percent since 2012. California has even mandated that all new commercial buildings must be net-zero energy by 2030.
To contribute to this growing trend toward net-zero energy buildings, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently launched its LEED Zero Certification at Greenbuild in Chicago. The new certification program complements LEED and it works for more than just energy. Buildings can earn LEED Zero certification for energy, carbon emissions, water and waste. LEED Zero also is available on any project using the LEED Building Design and Construction, LEED Operations and Maintenance or LEED Interior Design and Construction rating systems.

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