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$4 billion in state government construction getting underway in Sacramento, CA
California state government has launched a historic building boom in Sacramento, scheduling roughly $4 billion worth of new construction and renovations over the next five years.
“Something like this — this amount of square footage, this amount of resources, this amount of comprehensive refresh — I think is unprecedented,” said Jason Kenney, who is overseeing most of the projects as deputy director of the Department of General Services’ Real Estate Division.
The new buildings will allow DGS to move employees out of some of the state’s oldest Sacramento offices — one dates to 1929 — and start renovating. Once each office is renovated, employees can move in from another old office, freeing up another building for renovation in a process Kenney likened to “a giant domino game.”
Kenney said he expects workers will prefer their new offices — outfitted with modern furniture, amenities and open spaces — over their old.
“They get better views, better access to sunlight and energy reduction in the buildings,” he said.
The buildings will meet “zero net energy” targets, including being powered exclusively with solar power, Kenney added. At present, about 25 percent of the square footage of DGS buildings meet the renewable energy targets. The buildings will also reduce the state’s water usage by treating and reusing “gray” water for air conditioning and other non-potable uses.
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