TABB Quality Assurance Program

One of the ways we strive to make sure that your job is performed correctly the first time every time is through our TABB Quality Assurance Program, which is designed to safeguard the integrity of the TABB certification process through the following measures:

  1. Setting eligibility criteria for TABB-certified supervisors
  2. Establishing testing procedures for TABB-certified supervisors
  3. Requiring continuing education and continuous compliance with eligibility criteria for renewal of certification
  4. Periodically reviewing its recognition of technician certification

TABB offers this Quality Assurance Program to help ensure high quality work. By accepting TABB qualification or certification, every TABB professional accepts the responsibilities of this program.

Every customer shall be entitled to expect:

  1. That testing, adjusting and balancing work by the contractor and its TABB-certified professionals will meet TABB standards;
  2. That testing, adjusting and balancing reports provided to the customer will have been prepared by a TABB technician, and reviewed by a TABB-certified supervisor
  3. That the report(s) will include measurements taken accurately with the date and mode of operation of the systems.

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