Contractor Customer Satisfaction Program


A formal procedure by which TAB customer complaints can be resolved promptly, fairly, and in a manner that preserves our reputation for integrity.


This procedure applies to any TAB customer complaints concerning TAB work done by our company. The Customer Contact is responsible for receiving and considering all TAB customer complaints, and for implementing this procedure. Any and all customer complaints about our TAB work should be referred to the Customer Contact (identified below.) Only the Customer Contact is authorized to address TAB customer complaints.

Key Terms:

“Customer Contact” is the individual designated by our company to consider and respond to TAB customer complaints, and otherwise implement this procedure.
“TAB” refers to testing, adjusting and balancing work.
A “TAB customer” refers to the person (building owner or owner’s agent, general contractor, or mechanical contractor) who has retained our company to perform TAB work. However, if our company has been engaged by a contractor, we also consider the building owner of the owner’s agent as a “TAB customer” for purposes of this procedure.

Notice to Customers:

  1. We will advise each person who hires our company for TAB work that we have a formal Customer Satisfaction Procedure. That notice shall be in writing. It may be by transmittal letter that returns the signed contract, or by specific reference in the contract or a contract addendum. The notice to the customer shall consist of the following (or equivalent):
    Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We maintain a formal Customer Satisfaction Procedure. If you have any complaint regarding our company’s testing, adjusting and balancing work, please contact [current customer contact] at [phone number]. That individual will make every effort to respond to your complaint by at least the end of the next business day.
  2. We will respond to each TAB customer complaint as follows:
    • If the complaint can be handled by telephone consultation, we will do so. Calls will be made promptly and courteously. There is no such thing as a “stupid question” from a customer – each and every question and complaint merits our attention and a respectful and complete answer.
    • Whenever appropriate, written confirmation of advice or direction given in a telephone consultation will be promptly sent to the
    • If a customer complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved over the telephone, a TAB technician designated by the Customer Contact will visit the customer’s site at the earliest practical opportunity. Generally, a site visit will occur no later than the third business day after it is determined to be necessary. The Customer Contact may direct an earlier site visit to address urgent circumstances. In rare instances, a site visit may be postponed to a later time, if agreeable to the customer.
    • The technician will visit the site and assess the customer complaint(s). The technician will make every effort to be in touch with the Customer Contact (or the person designated by him or her) by telephone, from the site. If the customer’s complaint can be resolved by adjustments, which the technician can perform while at the site, in a reasonable time frame, the technician will do so. If not, the technician will identify the problem(s) and make a complete report to the Customer Contact as soon as practical. Problems which cannot be resolved quickly, by the technician on site, must not be discussed with the customer at that time: rather, the technician will report those problems back to the Customer Contact for him or her to determine appropriate action.
    • If the visiting technician has corrected the problem, the Customer Contact will follow-up with the customer within three to five business days to ensure the customer’s continuing satisfaction.
    • If the visiting technician has been unable to correct the problem, the Customer Contact will assess the technician’s report, determine if any further testing or assessment is appropriate, and contact the customer with a complete response and/or recommendation. Normally that contact is to occur by the end of the next business day after the Customer Contact receives the visiting technician’s report.
    • If the visiting technician’s report indicates deficiencies in our TAB work, the Customer Contact will determine appropriate remedial work, determine how best to accomplish that remedial work in a prompt fashion, and will make appropriate arrangements with the customer. If our initial TAB work was faulty or inadequate, leading to the need for the remedial work, all remedial work will be without charge to the customer.
    • If the visiting technician’s report indicates that customer action or error is the case if the customer’s complaint, or that the cause is the system design, system installation, or other matter beyond our control, the Customer Contact will so advise the customer and offer reasonable assistance with appropriate follow-up. The Customer Contact will take care not to make disparaging remarks about the work of any others.
    • If our company does remedial TAB work, which is required because of system design, installation or other circumstance beyond our control, we will clearly inform the customer of the preparatory work that must be done, to enable us to perform high quality TAB work at a minimum additional cost to the customer.
    • After any remedial TAB work, whether done with or without charge, the Customer Contact shall follow-up with the customer within a reasonable period (normally three to five business days) after completion of the work, to ensure continuing customer satisfaction.
    • If the Customer Contact is unable to resolve a customer complaint, the Customer Contact will suggest a meeting between our [Chief Executive Officer or other appropriate officer] and a comparable representative of the customer, to attempt to resolve customer complaints short of any formal proceeding. If a resolution cannot be obtained, our company will then notify the customer in writing of the TABB Quality Assurance Program, and how to contact TABB.


Although this Customer Satisfaction Procedure normally should be followed, it is not a contract. The Customer Contact is authorized to vary from this Procedure, in respect to any customer complaint. Variances should be rare exceptions, not the rule.


Questions concerning the Customer Satisfaction Procedure, and how it is implemented, should be addressed to the Customer Contact identified above.


No employee is to deal with any TAB customer complaints in a manner other than as described in this Customer Satisfaction Procedure.

Closing Notes:

All employees of this company are expected at all times to be courteous to and respectful of customers. All employees are to refrain from disparaging comments about work that may have been done by others. If any employee believes that any TAB work done by our company is deficient or defective in any respect that must not be discussed with the customer or anyone else. Instead, report that immediately to the Customer Contact for appropriate correction consistent with this Customer Satisfaction Procedure.